Bubbleberry 7g Pack

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Hybrid | AA+ | THC: 20%, CBD: 0.1%

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  • Happiness100%
  • Giggles80%
  • Relaxation80%
  • Creativity60%
  • Euphoria50%
  • Stress100%
  • Depression60%
  • Fatigue60%
  • Pain50%
  • Lack of Appetite50%
  • Dry Eyes100%
  • Dry Mouth50%
  • Headache40%
  • Paranoia40%
  • Dizziness20%

This hybrid strain is as delightful as it sounds! It takes its name from its quality marijuana lineage of Bubble Gum and Blueberry and has the sweet skunky essence of both. With a full-bodied joyful high, this award-winning strain is a pleaser for people on either side of the indica vs sativa debate. The medical marijuana patient in search of stress relief shouldn’t hesitate to give the Bubbleberry a try when looking at weed for sale online!

21 reviews for Bubbleberry 7g Pack

  1. Tim

    Nice taste and smell. Got it on sale well worth the this site thanks

  2. blaze1985

    first time trying very good and good taste . will buy again

  3. Melissa Mahaney

    Very enjoyable. Would definitely order again

  4. Tabbytha One-phifty


  5. Jean-Francois Adam

    Really smelly and tasty brand. Pretty good buzz and not too downing.

  6. Kurama

    Excellent Value & Very Euphoric
    Comparing this to the other $159/oz “100 OG”, this is much better suited for my needs. It’s perfect for mornings and daytime. Feels like a pretty even Hybrid to me. The Indica chills you out while the Sativa provides a euphoric vibe and at a superb value. More of a AAA than AA to me. Highly recommended for socializing.

  7. Narkotikz

    Good high taste not to bad but buds are great will be buying again

  8. morgan

    Gives good buzz, smells good , one of my top 5 favs

  9. Zombiemaxx

    Great taste
    Great smell and taste. This has become one of my top 3 so far, definitely be ordering more!

  10. GreenMother63

    wow for the price these stuff is the best on the site

  11. Alexia Olson

    Decent bud for the price.
    Great quality for the price!

  12. qallinaaq

    Pretty good
    Maybe I’m spoiled by shatter and AAAA category buds but I found this just ok

  13. Tammy McKay

    Good high
    Good flavour and smooth smoke

  14. trevorsborrens

    Good weed
    This pot doesn’t make me cough at all, and that is great! I am glad I bought some.

  15. Donwon

    Good quality
    Good bud for the price Worth every dollar

  16. Antking

    Good for the price
    Great for the price especially taking advantage of the 6 ounce special Will order again

  17. bulletchained

    really nice
    nice big buds, smells and tastes amazing

  18. Smootcher13

    Nice flavor,quick delivery,tight buds,great quality!!wow!!!10 out of 10

  19. Jasonspratt

    Nice buds. No shake at all. Enjoyable taste and smell. Overall good value.

  20. EDR84

    Loved the uplifting feeling with the sweet scent/taste of this bud.

  21. Mari_e

    I ordered a 7g of this. It was shipped fairly quickly and the packaging was good. The weed itself was, I want to say perfect, but nothing is, so I’ll say, it’s a pretty decent quality. It’s green, it’s smells really good and when you look at it, you can see it’s fresh, not like dry or old or wtv. I received from a new batch, I am quite happy about it. The description is accurate, it will give you like a mind high, you won’t be a couch potato, you will be high but want to do stuff, talk, interact with others ect. The high was good enough for me, not like extra strong but just strong enough. the taste was pretty good also. Not hard for the throat. ( I smoke from a bong ) I have nothing to complain about! I will surely buy some more of that one in the future.

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