Cake Frosting (AAAA) 7g Pack

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Hybrid | AAAA | THC: 25%, CBD: 0.1%

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Average nugget size, density, trichomes all consistent with the previous batch


  • Happiness100%
  • Euphoria80%
  • Uplifted80%
  • Energetic60%
  • Creativity45%
  • Stress100%
  • Depression90%
  • Pain87%
  • Fatigue45%
  • Headaches40%
  • Dry Mouth100%
  • Headache45%
  • Paranoia40%
  • Anxiety35%
  • Dizziness33%

Cake Frosting, also known as Birthday Cake OG or just Birthday Cake, is a cannabis strain renowned for its delicious sweet flavour with a hint of citrus aroma. This well-balanced hybrid gets its unique terpene and cannabinoid profile from combining the genetics of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies with the Cherry Pie strain.

THC levels of Cake Frosting regularly tests in the mid 20’s, so novice smokers need to use with caution. Side effects such a dizziness and paranoia can easily be averted by no over using this potent strain. The high begins with a full body relaxation and then lead to some hilarious conversations to be had with friends. Suddenly, everything will become a lot funnier, so many people recommend this to be used in a social setting.

14 reviews for Cake Frosting (AAAA) 7g Pack

  1. Flip

    I’ll have another slice!
    Very Yummy. A definite hit!

  2. corey saunders

    the taste reminds me of the way cake toys smelled
    i got say this weed will melt away any bad day, i get high feeling in the eyes and a nice warm body hug, the taste is like the toy cake, back in the strawberry shortcake days,with my discount i couldn’t beat the deal and quality plus the CS is great at GK keep it up your the best

  3. Moonpie

    Good Shite.
    Dense, Frosty nugs. Breaks up big, real smooth smoke. Great nose and appearance. A must try.

  4. Renner

    This strain smokes nicely. Tastes tangy and sweet at the same time. High can be intense at times, so wouldn’t recommend for the novice. Would must likely order again!

  5. Donwon

    Now all I need is cake lol .. I’ll be reordering

  6. sw0717

    I love this strain! Smooth and great feeling

  7. FreeToFly

    Loving It
    Very smooth and seductive high.

  8. hes

    Helps with depression
    I love GSC and cherry pie so cake frosting is such a great bud. Helps with depression pain and makes you in a good mood. Will order again

  9. PotentProduct247

    Had to pick this one up twice
    Had to re order this one asap. Got the same as last order nice big heavy coated in crystal nugs. Fairly potent but pull this shit out around your friends and it’s gunna grab some attention. Best bag appeal I’ve gotten so far. Checked off all the boxes for what I was looking for.

  10. Mandalee90

    Strong and pretty
    The buds are dense and well cakes. I got this to celebrate finals. I received my package a day before I was done and decided to try it and see. Bad idea. But all is well and this strain is very potent, you just won’t be motivated unless you want to. I might buy it again

  11. qallinaaq

    Better than expected
    Nice nugs.nice smell. Sticky upon breaking. Smooth toking nd brain buzzing.buying more now.

  12. brandonmb2

    Cake frosting
    Interesting name so I bought it to try it. I can say I was definitely satisfied and would reorder this again. Smell is great & unique. Ever open a bag an Ur just like woaahhh, this is some gaaaasssss. That’s exactly what my reaction was. Taste is also smooth. Buds were above average size but orange as hell with a lot of crystals. I’d say the high is comparable to Master Bubba with an extra kick to it

  13. Ryan John

    Tastes a d smells exactly like mataro blue

  14. PotentProduct247

    5 Star AAAA
    Soon as I cracked the bag I couldn’t help but holler out “WOOOOH” like rick flair. Smell alone opened my eyes up. Just got done smoking a spliff and I am charged. Not one shitty nug in the whole oz. Super caked in trichomes, glittery. Perfect texture. Can’t loose even at full price.

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