Cannalope 7g Pack

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Hybrid | AAA | THC: 22%, CBD: 0.1%

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  • Denser buds this batch
  • Slightly sweeter scent
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  • Numbness100%
  • Hunger90%
  • Uplifted90%
  • Happiness80%
  • Focus50%
  • Depression100%
  • Stress80%
  • Fatigue70%
  • Pain50%
  • Nausea40%
  • Dry Mouth100%
  • Dry Eyes100%
  • Dizziness80%
  • Paranoia40%
  • Anxiety40%

Effects: uplifted, energetic, happy, relaxed, talkative

May relieve: stress, fatigue, pain, headaches, depression, social anxiety

The unusually named Cannalope Kush by DNA Genetics is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Being a cross between OG Kush #18 and Cannalope Haze — a crossbreed of a Mexican landrace strain with the Original Haze — the strain brings about the sativa-drive euphoria with the supplementary influence of its indica genetics as well. Northern Californians often refer to Cannalope as “Momma Kush”

Cannalope Kush has a nice bag appeal, with light green nuggets that are generously covered and frosted with orange hairs throughout the whole structure. Despite being a sativa-dominant hybrid, the Cannalope Kush strain comes with compact buds that are embraced by light green leaves.

As for the THC content of Cannalope Kush, it varies between 16.5% and 22%, which is slightly higher than an average sativa. Still, this strain offers a balanced high with a stimulating cerebral euphoria and creativity boost accompanied by the elevated mood and casual relaxation.

Cannalope Kush is invaluable for the times when you experience anxiety due to imminent danger. While the mental high is similar to the adrenaline rush you feel at that time, your muscles are completely tension-free thanks to the indica side of the strain.

This mental high stabilizes once the physical high sets in, so instead of going out of control, users remain elevated and relaxed without psychotic behavior.

The fragrance of Cannalope Kush is a unique mix of fresh-cut cantaloupe with hints of haze, which brings up the aroma of a delicate perfume. Upon exhale, the smoke tastes a bit woody, with noticeable fruit vibes indicative of berries. According to many users, this strain is both crisp and refreshing.

One of the reasons that make Cannalope Kush appealing to medical marijuana users in the range of conditions this strain can alleviate. Of course, stress relief is the telltale reason why people turn to its general buds; but on top of that, the sedative properties if its Indica nature can also help relieve pain, menstrual cramps, headaches and migraines, insomnia, and more.

If we were to point out one negative reaction to using Cannalope Kush, it would be dry mouth. When using this strain, hydrate yourself well beforehand and keep some drinks at hand. If you have orange juice or lemonade in the fridge, then you’re in the safe spot.

In some instances, the dry mouth may be accompanied by dry and red eyes, especially if you smoke too much of Cannalope Kush.

Other than that, some people may experience dizziness or confusion, but this happens mostly when the strain is used in large quantities. Finally, you can get a bit anxious, but if you keep the dosage in moderation, this won’t be your concern.

16 reviews for Cannalope 7g Pack

  1. hes

    Helped with stress,pain,headaches while also keeping my mood up. Ok taste

  2. VB204

    I like
    Smells delicious and good smoking. Ordered twice now.

  3. Benjamin Bell

    I am usually a dark weed smoker thought I’d try something different and I’m glad I did the aroma when breaking the seal is amazing and also makes my mouth water after my first hit… This is my new go to weed thanks GK you guys are simply the best!!!!

  4. Greengirl

    I have ordered this one a few times. And always satisfied. The best word to describe it is fluffy

  5. McCallum

    One Of My All-Time Favourites
    Nice and dense nugs of varying sizes packs a strong punch. This fave has never failed me that’s why I keep coming back to it.

  6. Peter Jackson

    4.5 stars
    Probably one of the best tasting, smoothest strains I’ve smoked-tasted it long after I smoked a doobie. The buzz is a good balance for me. I recommend buying this. I will get more if more becomes available. I’ve recommended this strain to everyone.

  7. Zombiemaxx

    Repeat buyer
    Great high. Couch bound!

  8. badbwoy77

    Very nice high !
    Frosty, gummy ! nice high whit hybride ! Good choice guys…. try it !

  9. wjustingodwin

    BBW for sure!
    WOW! This stuff is Big Beautiful Weed! I like my buds with curves lol great product and great service

  10. Jack McCallum

    Third time ordering
    This is probably my favourite strain on the site. I’ll be back for fourths before too long.

  11. Lou McConnell

    Good butter bud
    Bought for an 83 yr old lady who eats cookies to get some sleep at night ! Nicest butter I ever made for baking her cookies and she sleeps like a dream. When she runs out I will be back!

  12. honorary_pie

    a little dry but fruity
    it’s hard to cry about details when the discounts are good but this stuff came a bit dry. still good and tasty in a vape. it smells nice and it’s pretty sparkly. maybe the count will make up for the dryness but I’m glad I have other squishier stuff to mix with it.

  13. pot7000primo

    This strain is amazing. The second highest scope ever achieved on my MJ strain rating chart. Smoke thickness = 5, Taste = 4, High = 5

  14. therese

    great buzz, one of my favorites as far as taste, will probably order again!

  15. Moonpie

    Decent Strain
    The buds of this strain were large and in charge. Pleasant aroma and taste, and a nice daytime buzz. Not overpowering for experienced users, but a good smoke overall. 3.75 stars. Great site and customer service!!

  16. Damien Beaulieu

    Doux et délicieux.
    Un bon génétique doux. Donne pas un high trop intense mais est parfait pour ne pas perdre le fil. Une odeur pas très intense mais pour ceux qui ne veulent pas que la maison embaume le cannabis, ce génétique est génial pour odeur/buzz. Mélangé avec du Pink Kush c’est excellent.

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