Death Star (AAAA) 7g pack

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Indica | AAAA | THC: 23%, CBD: 0.1%

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  • Relaxation100%
  • Euphoria85%
  • Happiness70%
  • Sleepiness65%
  • Uplifted50%
  • Stress100%
  • Pain95%
  • Insomnia70%
  • Depression70%
  • Nausea40%
  • Dry Mouth100%
  • Dry Eyes55%
  • Anxiety25%
  • Paranoia25%
  • Dizziness10%

Death Star is the potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel and has the shared sativa and indica effects of its parents. It has a mixed taste that combines sweet, skunk, and fuel aromas into a very potent fragrance that isn’t easy to hide. This strain may not have the ability to destroy planets, but it does have quite the powerful buzz. Effects can be slow to onset, but once they do, Death Star takes away all cares and replaces them with a state of relaxed euphoria. Great for daytime or nighttime use, this Ohio native now has fans throughout the galaxy.

14 reviews for Death Star (AAAA) 7g pack

  1. Kurama

    Another Top-Notch Batch
    I like this one a lot, from it’s name to appearance to effects. Makes me feel like I’m in space on the Death Star in Star Wars. Floaty and euphoric enough to be great for the day but also powerful enough to put you out for the night. A really good all-arounder that’s stronger than the similar Darkside OG and more tied with the Death Bubba.

  2. KushyChews

    Great head high
    Great smell, but lacks bag appeal

  3. Nick B

    Loved this one. Got it when it was AAAA. Got more but it’s AAA now.

  4. Dave’s Here Man

    Another one I savour for over a month now. Potent smell, nice crispy buds…you get that sour diesel aroma…which almost gives you a buzz alone. I got a blast by the Death Star’s main cannon and I got smoked!

  5. Moonpie

    Good smoke
    Buds a little on the smaller side, but looks and smells real nice. Smokes smooth, with a nice long lasting buzz. Not as potent as I expected for a THC level in the high 20’s, but we all experience things a little differently. Good for an evening with friends. GK Customer service is the Best!

  6. 4 out of 5 Lenny Andre

    This was a very strong indica.After a few hours you feel like you’re under a heavy blanket.

  7. Dave’s Here Man

    Fire the Death Star’s main cannon at my brain.
    One of the first tries and a sure favourite. Very strong high I enjoyed very much. Makes me a zombie on a wake’n’bake…but I like. Still have some a month and a bit later? It’s like fine wine…

  8. Danno

    This was a really pleasant surprise as it looked like a very earthy and dark colored bud which can often make for a harsh smoke that was not the best tasting. As I said often but not always occasionally as was the case with this addition to the Death family it has a vet very sweet taste that was easy to smoke I know I’m watching for a reload so I can get some more if you need a premium indica for pain relief or relaxation this may be the strain for you

  9. Channah

    Very nice taste and quality. On waiting list so I can order more.

  10. zackiechan

    After about 15 minutes of smoking will feel great buzz. Nice buds, good in bongs

  11. aristo

    Very nice
    Love how it creeps up on you. Very good smoke burns slow. Quality prod as always and the best service from GK!

  12. Findanny

    Just another top shelf strain that deserves to a top shelf. Great smoke. I wish I would’ve gotten more.

  13. cpen1985

    Very solid product
    I was very pleased with this strain. I prefer smoking joints and I found That the buzz don’t hit you straight away it creeps up very nice and once in full buzz it’s very relaxing and sedating. Great taste and nice buds. I would recommend this to any smoker. Dont. It’s out in this one folks. As always gk was fast and service was superb:👍

  14. Edo Grim

    Death star 😎
    Definitely worth a 5star rating 👍 Nice dense sticky buds , taste and burn’s nice , would definitely order again . Nice buzz 😎😎😎😎😎

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