Duke Nukem (AAAA) 7g Pack

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Hybrid | AAAA | THC: 22%, CBD: 0.1%

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  • Relaxation100%
  • Uplifted75%
  • Hunger70%
  • Creativity65%
  • Happiness65%
  • Stress100%
  • Depression95%
  • Muscle Spasms50%
  • Fatigue40%
  • Pain25%
  • Anxiety100%
  • Paranoia50%
  • Dry Mouth25%
  • Dizziness10%
  • Dry Eyes10%

Effects: relaxed, hungry, creative, uplifted, happy, euphoric

May relieve: stress, depression, fatigue, pain, muscle spasms, anxiety

If you were raised in the early 90s (or late 80s), then this name should ring a bell because Duke Nukem was one hell of a relentless, supremely confident alien-chasing badass. Should you expect the same level of awesomeness from a cannabis strain?

The Duke Nukem strain was introduced to weed lovers by Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. This potent 65/35 sativa-dominant hybrid was bred by crossing one of their male Chemmado varieties with a female Chernobyl strain from TGA Subcool Seeds.

The strain has some characteristics from its genetic parents such as Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Mendo Purps. If you’re looking for cerebral effects that will give you a razor-sharp focus, induce creativity, and induce a fit of the giggles, Duke Nukem will be your best bet.

The highest content of THC in Duke Nukem scores 22%, which is enough for first-timers to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis and a host of its medical benefits. Since it promotes alertness and stirs creativity, it’s best to use it throughout the day.

Being a sativa-dominant hybrid, the Duke Nukem cannabis strain grows quite tall, but it also has nice and dense buds generously frosted with a layer of trichomes where all therapeutic properties of marijuana are contained.

People often choose their strains according to their aroma profile. Are you one of them? Then smelling the buds of Duke Nukem will make you feel delighted from the very beginning. They produce a delicate and soothing lavender aroma, with earthy undertones and hints of mint to spice up your sensory experience; the mint is also noticeable when smoking the Duke Nukem strain, which makes the smoke easy on the throat and lungs.

As mentioned, Duke Nukem is best for daytime use. People consume this flower to ease headaches and migraines, stabilize mood, and deal with daily stress. The strain is also known for stimulating appetite and boosting energy.

Duke Nukem is often prescribed for insomnia, spasticity, fatigue, pain, chronic stress, eye pressure, inflammation, and muscle spasms. If you insist on smoking the herb after a long workday, make sure you do it in the early evening to avoid too much stimulation.

There are also some mild effects linked to using the Duke Nukem strain. Fortunately, anxiety and paranoia aren’t among them. Instead, you may experience dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth; some people also report headaches after using the strain in high doses.

Duke Nukem can grow easily both indoors and outdoors. It’s easy to cultivate, regardless of experience. The strain comes in two different phenotypes. The Chemmando phenotype produces shorter plants and stretches about 50% of its volume when flowering. The Chernobyl phenotype stretches to about 75% of its original height when flowering, taking 9 to 11 weeks to flower and be ready for harvest.

9 reviews for Duke Nukem (AAAA) 7g Pack

  1. busybee06

    Good mood and smooth taste
    Great Buzz. Easy on the throat & a good high to get you in the mood for a good time. Will definitely order again.

  2. Dave Muir

    First time trying this strain,it’s a good motivator and easy on the throat

  3. mattosan

    Smells good, tastes good. Productive high, want to move and get things done.

  4. Shrinkswhencold

    Nice smoke
    Can only give 4 stars as this didn’t pack quite the punch I was expecting . Nice flavour and smooth smoke .

  5. somanystrains

    Very Nice
    Great taste smoked out of a bubbler 🙂 great strain made me relaxed but really focused really good right before a long homework/study session.

  6. hes

    Great smell
    Really enjoy the taste n smell great for the price will order again

  7. Danno

    Well I really enjoyed the taste and smell of the Duke as well as looking at the nice size buds some that were smaller but a free plum sized thrown in there but the colors and density of this bud betrayed any chance it had of creeping on anyone. When you look at this bud its clear your in for a great smoking experience with the buzz suited for an active fun and laughter time be it day or evening the Duke Nukem is the life of the party

  8. William Speer

    nice taste and smell, great for wake n bake

  9. qallinaaq

    Big buds nice buzz
    Nice smell and pretty bud. Kind fruity and a bit skunky at the same time.sweet smooth toke followed by a clean the dishes buzz

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